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Robby Grodin Posts

On Mentorship

It’s never been more simultaneously easy and difficult to find career advice. If you follow, for example, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, or Forbes on any social media channel, you know that there are thousands upon thousands of articles that claim to have the right answer when it comes to changing…

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Together 2012: 7 Days of Art, Music, and Technology

As Daytime Coordinator, I’ve dedicated the past 6 months of my life to Together Boston, New England’s largest Art, Music, and Technology festival. I was able to have a huge impact on the festival experience, and with the help from the steering committee, promo team, and various volunteers, we’ve paved the…

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Music Geek for Hire

My current position at the MIT Humans and Automation Lab is as fulfilling a job can be, without having the presence of media technology that I crave. I have learned and accomplished more in this position than anywhere else, but unfortunately once the project I am on ends next fall,…

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TI EZ430 Chronos Reviewed

In designing the Toscanini interface, I used the Texas Instrument EZ430 Chronos development kit to record accelerometer information. The watch is simply an enclosure for the CC430 system, complete with a 3-accelerometer array in XYZ configuration, pressure sensor, and temperature sensor. For an extra $50, they’ll throw in an extra…

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Boston Music Hackday 2011

Attended my second music hack day, hosted by The Echo Nest at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I developed the Toscanini  system at the event last year (click the link for the first blog post about Toscanini). The premise is this: hackers gather at…

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