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On Mentorship

It’s never been more simultaneously easy and difficult to find career advice. If you follow, for example, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, or Forbes on any social media channel, you know that there are thousands upon thousands of articles that claim to have the right answer when it comes to changing careers, getting that promotion, or playing office politics. This is great for someone seeking general advice. However, for most of us, these articles are exceedingly non-specific and rely upon assumptions that just don’t cover what most of us in the data science and technology fields experience in our careers. LinkedIn provides access to millions of users with an abundance of experience at all tiers of the corporate and startup ladders, although the platform isn’t quite right for blind offers of mentorship or advice.

Technology, and especially a field such as data science, changes daily. It’s also an area where people from lots of different, seemingly unrelated backgrounds come together to produce some brilliant work. The tech field is seeing an influx of ‘new users’ with backgrounds from liberal arts, to finance, to the sciences. They attend one of the many coding bootcamps or incubators in their area, come out with a great skillset, but suddenly find themselves without a clear path to finding the right job or company in their new field. This is a solvable problem.

I’d love to build a community that helps career changers, industry changers, new grads hoping to take a different direction, and people who are willing to offer some advice about their paths, find a sense of direction through more formal, networked mentorship.

If this seems like something you would be interested in – whether you envision your role as a potential mentor or someone who is just looking for career advice – head over to NextPath and drop your email.

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