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What’s Happening: October 2016

I get a lot of people asking about my various classes and speaking events, so I figured it would be fitting to write a monthly “What’s Happening?” post to keep everything in one place. Here’s a brief overview of the events I have planned for October:

October 5th: Talk Data To Me

A FREE panel at General Assembly

6:30 – 8:30 pm EDT
GA Boston
51 Melcher Street
Boston , MA 02210


Join myself and other experts in the Data Analytics industry in an “Ask Me Anything” style discussion at General Assembly. We’ll discuss the various opportunities in the field, how companies are using Data Analysts and Data Scientists to propel their growth, how to continue growing in the field, and anything else you might want to know. Come enjoy a drink and engage in an intimate conversation about what we do with data.

October 8th: SQL Bootcamp

Go from “I hate Excel” to “I love SQL!” in 1 day!

10 am – 5 pm EDT
GA Boston
51 Melcher Street
Boston , MA 02210


Everyone should know SQL. In the year 2016, all the data we need is stored in countless databases across the internet, and within our own organizations. To unlock the knowledge and power of that data, you need to know how to access it. In this one day bootcamp you will learn how to interact with large sets of data by answering typical Data Analyst questions about a real dataset. We will discuss how to read from multiple tables using joins, analyze results with aggregate functions, and string together queries using subqueries. A must-take class for anyone who wants to be a Data Analyst, Engineer, or Scientist.

October 18th: Intro to SQL

What is SQL and why should I love it?

6:30 – 9:30 pm EDT
21 Drydock Avenue, 6th Floor
Boston , Massachusetts 02210


Looking for a quick-hit introduction to what SQL is and why it’s so important in the industry? Join me at MassChallenge while we discuss the fundamentals of the Structured Query Language. This will be a small taste of the SQL Bootcamp I teach at General Assembly, if you’re looking for more hands on skill development you might want to check out my bootcamp on October 8th.

October 22nd: HBS SQL Bootcamp

Guest Appearance at Harvard Business School


I’ve been invited to bring my SQL Bootcamp class to Harvard Business School as part of their initiative to teach data technology to their MBA candidates. I’ll be discussing how business executives can tap into the power of big data and work with their analysts to find and solve the toughest problems our industry will face in the coming years.

That’s it for October, I’ll be sure to share updates if any of these dates change, and keep a look out for some more events in November!

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