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Whats Happening: November / December 2016

After an incredibly busy year of events, I’ll be taking the month of November off to focus on family time and getting Wayfair ready for our biggest time of year. I have a few classes at General Assembly in early December, listed below

But first, I just wanted to mention that teaching at Harvard Business School last month was an amazing experience. After all the hard work I’ve put into building these curriculums and cramming as much value into every mentorship interaction I’ve had, it was finally a moment to sit back and say to myself “I’m teaching at Harvard”. I just want to say thank you to everyone at General Assembly, Harvard Business School, and of course my wife Julie for everything you’ve done to help make this event happen.


December 3rd: SQL Bootcamp

Go from “I hate Excel” to “I love SQL!” in 1 day!

10 am – 5 pm EDT
GA Boston
51 Melcher Street
Boston , MA 02210


Everyone should know SQL. In the year 2016, all the data we need is stored in countless databases across the internet, and within our own organizations. To unlock the knowledge and power of that data, you need to know how to access it. In this one day bootcamp you will learn how to interact with large sets of data by answering typical Data Analyst questions about a real dataset. We will discuss how to read from multiple tables using joins, analyze results with aggregate functions, and string together queries using subqueries. A must-take class for anyone who wants to be a Data Analyst, Engineer, or Scientist.

December 10th: Python for Data Science

Learn the skills necessary to do Data Analytics in Python

12 am – 5 pm EDT

GA Boston
51 Melcher Street
Boston , MA 02210


Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language with many applications. This workshop explores Python’s place in the scientific ecosystem, and how the language, with several readily-available open-source libraries, can serve as a powerful tool for data analysis. Designed as a stand-alone introduction to the data science aspects of Python, this class is also a recommended preparatory workshop for students planning to enroll in General Assembly’s Data Science course.

That’s it for 2016, I’ll be sure to share updates if any of these dates change, and keep a look out for some more events in 2017!

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