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About Me

Robby Grodin

Robby is a versatile innovator and educator in the fast-growing marketing engineering, data science, and web services sector. From his time spent building backend services at large corporations such as Visa and Blackberry, to the research he has conducted at MIT and Northeastern, Robby has worn many hats. His titles have spanned from Research Engineer, to Code Reliability Engineer and most recently to Data Engineer at Wayfair Inc. He is also Co-Founder of the digital experience consultancy, Toy Pig Co.

In addition to his technical work, Robby is an avid educator. He has given lectures at Tufts and Northeastern, presented at conferences, and offers one-on-one training and preparation for students seeking to start or advance their careers in technology. Robby currently teaches numerous courses at General Assembly.

In his spare time, Robby enjoys collecting hot sauces, homebrewing, and spending time with Yuki the Wonder Pup.

Robby holds a dual BS in Computer Science and Electronic Music Composition from Northeastern University.